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 Status Due Date Expected Result Impact Task Captain Name     Edit/Details
Fulfilled2019-06-14 Bene & Non Med Throughput definition and process descriptionDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-06-18 Get Terry Kremer claim approvalDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-06-20 Set individ prospecting goalsDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-06-25 Train people who missed 1440 training - short now- full laterDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-06-20 Create a process to handle donation requestDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-06-24 Create SF template to ask for social reviewsDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-06-25 downloads not accessing web pageDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-06-26 SURVEY QUESTIONS WORKINGDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-07-02 HOW TO TRACK TRULY NEW- OR OTHER NAME ACCOUNTSDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-07-01 DM - I think a salesperson should be here & sales needs to take better notes.Dan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-07-03 Everyone review and discuss 360 Perf BonusesDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-07-10 Firgure out a fulfilling & rewarding job situation for AndreaDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-07-10 PLAN OFFICE JULY PARTYDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-07-25 Rework meetings and team processesDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2019-09-26 Need leader KPI request & ideasDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2020-06-04 Figure out role for hospital renewalAndrea AbouJaoudeDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2021-02-23 Send email to first capabilities wsAmanda KremerDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2021-02-25 meet with AKDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2021-03-22 Andy & Dan review Andy's RPB items - TAP?Dan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2021-03-24 Test TAP with someoneDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2021-04-19 Abby questionsDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
Fulfilled2021-11-05 to get all Production Support caught up on trainingCrystal SecrestDetails/Edit
Committed2021-06-01 Ads for newspaper and social mediaAmanda KremerDetails/Edit
Begun2021-08-26 What to do with assigned agent mess?Nate KaupDetails/Edit
Begun2021-08-06 Make sure Mike Meyer relationship lastDan MuhlenkampDetails/Edit
 Status Due Date Expected Result Impact Task Captain Name     Edit/Details