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CodeMedal NameLevelPointsStatusViewCreate
- 00.00 ASG- Empty Medal Template -Hiker (Beginner)1000AvailableViewUse Template
001.00 ASGCreate Your Own Medal ProgramHiker (Beginner)1000AvailableViewUse Template
100.05 ASGASG Teammate Annual GrowthAdventurer (Advanced)3000AvailableViewUse Template
101.10 ASGSurviving2Thriving Overview - What - Why - HowHiker (Beginner)1000AvailableViewUse Template
101.11 ASGReviews That Improve GoldHiker (Beginner)2500AvailableViewUse Template
101.22 ASGASG DayMaster Silver - Be An AdventurerAdventurer (Advanced)2000AvailableViewUse Template
101.23 ASGASG DayMaster Gold - Be The Guide!Guide (Expert)5000AvailableViewUse Template
101.31 ASGASG FocusMaster BronzeHiker (Beginner)1000AvailableViewUse Template
101.32 ASGASG FocusMaster SilverAdventurer (Advanced)3000AvailableViewUse Template
101.33 ASGASG FocusMaster GoldGuide (Expert)5000AvailableViewUse Template
101.40 ASGASG HR2Team - Transform Human Resources to TeammatesGuide (Expert)5000Coming SoonViewUse Template
102.10 ASGASG Ideal Team Player - Connect & CommunicateHiker (Beginner)2000Coming SoonViewUse Template
102.20 ASGASG Ideal Team Player Year 2Adventurer (Advanced)3000Coming SoonViewUse Template
102.30 ASGASG Ideal Team Player GoldGuide (Expert)5000Coming SoonViewUse Template
z01.21 ASGASG DayMaster Bronze - Go On A HikeHiker (Beginner)1000UnavailableViewUse Template
CodeMedal NameLevelPointsStatusViewCreate
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