Although it is best to attend live training with a Sensei or 1440 System Guru, completing the self-learning checklist can enable you to effectively participate in 1440 meetings.

  • Read everything on the this site.
  • Watch the video of a 1440 Meeting.
  • Download and study What-Why-How and complete the Learning Assessment.  Completing the Learning Assessment is an “open book” exercise.
  • Contact or Muhlenkamp, Dan  with any questions.
  • Schedule a telephonic appointment with Dave or Dan to review your answers on the Assessment.
  • Once you have completed the checklist, you will receive a certificate of training.

The entire course of study will take 2 to 2.5 hours.

Short Introduction

1440 System In A Nutshell

The “Cheat Sheet” is a list of general terms and abbreviations used in the 1440 meeting.  Your company may have customized some of these, not use all of these, or added additional terms and abbreviations.

Download Cheat Sheet PDF  Download 1440 What-Why-How PDF   Download 1440 Basic Assessment PDF

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