Tired Of Losing Your Best Employees And Hiring What’s Left By Your Competition?

Turn your “human resources” into a team.

Turn your teammates into recruiters.

show people coming and going

Stop The Employee Revolving Door!

It’s Killing Your Profits


It’s Limiting Your Growth


It’s Frustrating Your Staff


And The People You Lose Aren’t Any Happier In The End.


You can get there. We can guide you.

Fast, High Impact results you will sustain and improve over the long run because it will become who your team is.

Most studies claim it cost from 6 – 12 months pay every time you need to replace an employee.  

You don’t need to increase pay or benefits expense!  People want more than “stuff”, they want a life.

Make a teammate, and keep the money.

A team inspired by a worthy cause will out perform “human resources” working for a company…all day…every day…till the end of days.

  • Set Initial Appointment – We gather information, ask some questions and give you some answers.
  • With 72 hours we compare your situation to our model, and come up with a plan to get you rapid results.
  • We share the processes and tools you need, and stay with you till you get results.

You Want An Adventure.


We’ve Got A Plan.

The HR2Team Plan

  • We talk , learn a lot about each other, and we get what we need to come up with a plan.
  • In 72 hours we compare what we learn with our model and come up with 2-4 options.
  • You choose – which and we get started.

We show you how to save 5-8 hours per week in meeting time. 

“The new meetings format has saved me five hours a week just in meetings time. In addition to the five hours, the meetings self manages; so I don’t have to create a daily meeting, saving me at least another two and half hours a week. My managers know the goals we are working towards, who are accountable for them, and where we stand on achieving them. ” Beth Barr, Capabilities Inc.

  • Reduce Turnover – 10-20% in 180 days, 30-50% over 3 years.
  • Reduce Time To Hire – 20-30 days in 180 days, 30-50 days over 3 years.
  • Reduced Operating Cost –  2-6% in 180 days, 15-30% over 3 years.

So Which Path Are You Taking?

…Continue losing your best and replacing them with what’s left? Continue the Frustration, Higher Cost,  and Lower Profits

…Or transform your employees into a Team, 
     …Your teammates into Recruiters, 
     …Your costs into Profits, 
     …And truly Change Some Lives.

Let's Talk About It.

We've Been Down This Road Before.

It's better together.