Your Team Can Work Remotely!

Has COVID-19 Left Your Team

  • Less Connected
  • Less Directed
  • Worried & Confused?

Fight Back!

Cover the day’s important items.

Keep everyone informed.

Keep everyone connected.

Get what’s important done.

The  “Day Master” meeting & work achievement system.

Working Remotely Is Here To Stay.

You Can Be Amazing At It!

A 6-12 minute meeting that will change you, your business and your team. 

COVID challenged our team…

And now we’re better for it!

We’ve helped others and would be honored to help guide you too.

The meetings have saved me five hours a week... In addition they self manage...saving me at least another two and half hours a week. My managers know the goals we are working towards, who are accountable for them, and where we stand on achieving them.
Beth Barr
"The meeting system has helped us as a group stay more aligned and going in the same direction. It has also helped decrease our meeting time significantly while accomplishing more of the things that matter."
William Blumhorst
The last day I worked in the office was Friday, March 13, before the virus changed most of our work lives...Now at home, we are having two Zoom meetings a day to get to hear what everybody is working on and how things are going for them personally. To say I feel more connected now is a total understatement. There has been a lot of ugly since the outbreak, but this really is the ray of sunshine that I needed all along.
Andrea AbouJaoude
Preferred Insurance Center

Example Day Master Meeting

The Day Master Plan

  • A team usually works best, any size you wish. 
  • Everyone can remote in from wherever.
  • The pricing makes that easy. 
    • For a very small fee you can add as many people as you like.
  • Choose Your Plan and Enroll Your Team.
  • We will email you a “Team Pass Code” and link you simply forward to each team member.
  • They use the Team Pass Code to register for free. 
  • Link to the pre-webinar video.
  • Link and instructions about the webinar.
  • Instructions about how to best prepare.

Our simple process, based on the Socratic Method, helps your team to ask and answer the questions that will keep everyone informed, aligned and engaged


We’ve gone this way before. It’s better together.

We’ve pursued team excellence for over 17 years.

We’ve made the mistakes for you.

We have a plan.











So Which Path Are You Taking?

…Continue letting COVID-19 beat you back and divide your team.

…Or Fight Back and use this as an opportunity to be the connected, focused and remote team the future will demand.

Webinar Dates & Times

    • Thursday April 23 9:00 – 10:30 AM
    • Friday April 24 10:00 – 11:30 AM
    • Wednesday April 29 2:00 – 3:30 PM
    • Thursday April 30 2:00 – 3:30 PM

The Day Master Basic

Just Get Your Started
$ $693 Per Team Single Person is $462
  • Why It Works 40 Minute Video
  • Learn The Day Master Meeting
  • Work Achievement System
  • Meeting Spreadsheet Template
  • Starter Example Questions
  • 2 Private virtual consults

    (Observe Your Day Master & Discuss)
  • Access To All PowerPoints

The Day Master Pro

Personal Consultation & Followup
$ $1,386 Per Team Single Person is $924
  • Everything In Basic - Plus
  • Webinar #2 - Asking The Right Questions

    Personal Guidance To Create Your Questions

    The right questions make the
    difference between"good" and
    "amazing". Our help gets you to
    "amazing" much faster.
  • We Facilitate A Meeting Review

    We call it the Meeting About The Meeting.
    It's a review to make the Day Master meeting
    more and more effective over time.

The Day Master Guru

Be An Expert Day Master
$3,960 Per Team
  • Everything In Pro - Plus
  • We'll Train & Certify A Day Master Guru
  • Create Your Own Meetings In The Future
  • Fantastic For Departments & Locations