Achieve More

Focus On What Matters - Measure It - Get It Done

Or...You Could Achieve Less

Your Adventure Becomes Your Disaster

Fail To Focus

Fail To Measure

Fail To Succeed

Success Awaits You


Who you are, what you do & why you do it.
How exactly you will succeed.
What is most important right now.


Measure what really matters.
Know what success is…and isn’t.
Know who is responsible.

Get It Done

Simple project management that works.
Easy weekly planning.
Accountability for teams and leaders.

We've Guided Others.

"Our profit margin went up and we became a better company...during the COVID-19 disaster."
"We improved our profit margin 6 points in 6 months. I decreased my work load, improved my team, drastically lowered my stress and got my life back."
"We've never so consistently accomplished so many tasks and projects. Our future is definitely brighter."

We’d be honored to guide you.

Achieve More - The Plan

Session 1 - Focus

Know What Matters
  • Clarify The Big Rocks 
    • What exactly do you do…really?
    • Why exactly do you do it?
    • Why do you make the decisions you make?
  • Clarify The Here & Now
    • What is the most important thing – Right Now?
    • What has to happen to make that a success?
    • Who is doing what?

Session 2 - Measure

Measure What Matters
  • Measure Big Rock Success  
    • What are the real “Key Performance Indicators?
      • If everything is important – nothing is important!
    • What are Key Supporting Indicators?
    • What do needs to be “scored” to know you are winning?
  • Measuring What’s Most Important – Here & Now
    • It’s so simple, but so important.
    • When does judgement beat numbers?

Session 3 - Get It Done

Do What Matters
  • Track Everything In A Simple System 
    • What gets tracked gets done.
    • Yes, but only if the system is transparent.
    • And only if it’s simple enough to actually use & understand.
  • Accountability That Works.Measuring What’s Most I
    • Frequent enough to matter.
    • Kind enough to implement.
    • Transparent enough to get results.

Let's Talk About It.

We've Been Down This Road Before.

It's better together.

  • You Were Meant To Thrive!