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Webster’s definition of culture: “The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization.”

Our Attitudes

  • We Are Tiggers Not Eeyores!   Tiggers are excited and happy.  They have bad days and bad times but they make the best of it. Tiggers bring life and spark and smiles and energy into the room. Tiggers are fun to be around.  We attract clients, coworkers, networkers and friends because we have a great attitude. Eeyores see the problems not the solutions. They suck the life and energy out of a room. They complain without offering a suggestion for an improvement. The world is always picking on them. They are annoyed by Tiggers.
  • We Are Grateful!  We have been blessed by God and are thankful for it.  To complain about our lives, our jobs, or our situations is a slap in the face of God.  We live in a wonderful part of a wonderful country.  We are free and we are thankful for it. We work with incredible people for a great purpose.
  • We Are Charitable!  We have been given a lot, we will give a lot.  This is not some small thing we do to look good.  This is a major reason we show up to work.
  • Whatever it takes, not “That’s not my job.”  “The difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a little longer.”  We have a “can do” attitude, not a “can’t do” attitude.  We help each other, we help our clients, and we help our communities. Telling a co-worker “That’s not my job” will likely get you fired.
  • A ringing phone is when the fun begins.  If we believe we are here to help and to serve and to sell, then we have to want the phone to ring.  We are Tiggers with energy and our voice and attitude and energy alone will make most people’s day  better.  So when the phone rings it isn’t a problem, an interruption, or a hassle.  It is our chance to put a smile on another person’s face.
  • Change is life.  If we aren’t growing, we’re withering.  If it’s broke, fix it.  If it’s not broke, improve it.
  • Sales are a wonderful thing.  Nothing happens till something gets sold.  Without a sale, we don’t buy “stuff” and the economy fails. When we make a sale another client becomes properly protected by the right agency. Every call is either a sales call, or the setup for a sales call.
Our Values
  • Honesty, with our clients, our companies, each other, and ourselves.
  • We put others ahead of ourselves.  Do what is best for your coworkers, clients and companies.  We are almost always the best agency for any client to be with.  It is extremely unlikely than any other agent cares about them as much as we do or has the attitude and culture we have.  What is best for the client is proper coverage at a great value.  If we don’t sell someone some type of insurance that they would benefit from, we have not done what is best for them.
  • We give more than we are paid for.  We are paid for insurance but we give back by being charitable, serving others, smiling, bringing joy and happiness to others.  We help local businesses and consumers through discounts, local networks, and referrals.
  • We will make a difference for local charities and individuals by giving of our time and resources.
  • We will proactively serve our clients in ways no other agency can even imagine, more less actually put into practice.
  • We will use the best sales and marketing techniques, while strictly adhering to the attitudes and values above.
  • We will grow rapidly so we can employ more people, and serve more communities with our unique upbeat and charitable attitude.
  • We will be the right people with the right processes and the right attitude to make the lives of everyone we come in contact with much better.
What Is The Best Thing About Preferred Insurance Center? 
It’s the attitude of the people who work here.  When you call or walk in our office you will feel the energy, the warmth, the can-do spirit.  When you have a problem we will go to bat for you.  We will brighten your day and lighten your load.  We are looking for a way to do more, not do less.  We are so energetic you can feel it in the air, like it is electrified.  We are a daily celebration of life.  We know we have been blessed and will use our energy, abilities, and profits to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves and those who have helped us so much over the years.

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