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#2 Read This Outline

Arena Success Group

  • The Grand Opening will be soon.
  • I want to practice a few things first.
    • The Virtual Grand Opening Presentation
    • Personal: Work Less – Achieve More – Live Better
    • Business: Work Less – Achieve More – Live Better
  • I want to practice with people who care. 
    • People who will be a little more patient.
    • With people who will be candid about me. 
    • Website & Tools

It Is Free!
(I’ll Take Kohl’s Cash If You Insist)


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Help me figure out what days and times are best for the most people possible.

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#5 Wait Patiently

I’ll Set Dates & Times

  • Call or email me if you have questions.
    • 419-305-6211
    • dan@arenasg.com
  • I’ll send you another email in 5 – 10 days.
  • Feel free to pass this on to someone you think may be interested.
    • They will never get a better deal, I promise.

Arena Success Group