Five Axe Swings A Day

axIf you’re in a forest and you can only swing your ax just 5 times per day, what would you do differently.

I obviously stole this from the recent Learn To Lead breakfast seminar we had featuring John Maxwell trainer Dave Finchum of Finchum Consulting. There was so much great information from Dave that I wasn’t sure where to start, but this really stuck out for me.

I thought about this idea of taking 5 swings per day and what it all meant. This is very personal, but this is what it meant to me.

  • I need to choose what trees to take swings at! I have a tendency to start so many projects I make a ridiculous number of swings, but never actually drop any trees. I’ve got to swing at one tree till it comes down before I move on to the next one.
  • I need to keep my ax sharp. If I’m only getting 5 swings, I need to make each swing count. So I need to keep learning and stay sharp.
  • I can drop any size tree I want with just 5 swings a day, but I need to plan to keep swinging longer for the big trees.
  • I need to limit my swings. Over work is probably making each swing a lot less effective.
  • I need to make my swings effective by planning and executing, not just “taking a swing”.
  • I need to do these things to be a good example for my team.

So that’s just one quick thought from the Learn to Lead breakfast. I’ll be talking to you again really soon.


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