Compass & Light – A Series on Mental Health

While going through the RightNow Media resources, I stumbled upon Compass & Light a series on Mental Health.  It piqued my curiosity as I have family members that struggle with a wide variety of  mental illness.  There are seven episodes: PTSD, Anxiety, Suicide, Addiction, Bipolar, Depression and Eating Disorders.  The amount of knowledge I took from each episode was astounding.  These are all things that I simply just did not understand.  If you do not deal with or suffer from any symptoms how can someone relate.  These episodes gave me a peek into the lives of others and their daily struggles.  It gave me a better understanding of these diseases.  It also brought awareness to the judgment and stigma these people may face. These are REAL symptoms that need to be treated.  It should be no different than going to your family doctor for a physical illness. I also believe that someone may recognize similar symptoms and steer them in the direction to getting a diagnosis or the help they may need as well.  We do not have to live in this world alone, seeking support through your family or community may just be the first steps to freedom from your own personal hell.


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