Lead Like a Shepard in the Workplace

Lead Like a Shepard in the Workplace by Larry Osborne In this study Larry teaches how to lead like a shepherd by putting the sheep first, serving with enthusiasm, leading by example and having a long term perspective.   Anyone looking to lead others through a biblical approach can benefit from this study.   Lead Like a […]

Leading Generously

Leading Generously  by Jack Alexander What is your ambition? Is it for yourself or for others? Does your leadership lead others to or away from Jesus? How can you use your gifts to help others reach their full potential? These are just a few of the questions looked at to help you become a good […]

Loving Generously

Loving Generouslyoving Generously by Jack Alexander Do your seek to be around others that can benefit you or that you can be a benefit to them? Do you love the gift more than the giver? This study looks at these and other questions on how to truly love one another.   In order to get the […]

Marriage by Henry Cloud

In this study Dr. Henry Cloud shares how to grow in your marriage relationship.  He helps you gain wisdom in understanding our spouses needs, trust, boundaries, respect, love, gratitude and not depending on your spouse to make you happy. This study is great for any married couple or any couple preparing for marriage.  Marriage: Henry […]

If Money Talked

If Money talked by Andy Stanley If your money spoke, what would it say about you?  What you choose to do with your money speaks volumes about who and whose you are.  Do you give, save, live, in that order? This study will help you to take a look at how you are spending your […]

Living Generously

Living Generously by Jack Alexander Do you give God the best of your time, talents, and treasures, or just whatever is leftover? Is your money an idol or a tool to serve the Lord? Are you putting your security in your money r in the Lord? This study helps your to examine your heart and […]

Made to Crave

Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food Lysa walks you through her past on leaning on food for comfort, rather than leaning on God.  This study is a great time of self reflection allowing us to learn how to go to God for all of our comfort rather than turning to […]

The Revelation Wellness

This book study is a great tool to discover freedom and health in our physical bodies as well as growing in our relationship with God through the journey. Alisa guides you through the process of creating a healthy relationship with food and exercise.  An amazing wellness community is also available to provide support as you […]

The Smart Step Family

This study provides practical and realistic solutions to issues that many blended families face.  It contains tips for raising step children as well as ways to strengthen the couples marriage. Link to The Smart Step Family