Business Planning – How To Choose Your Actions

OK, if you’ve done a good job so far, this is where business planning meets action. It’s time to launch! 20% of your work will give you 80% of your results so due the right 20%! Look at your first year goals and for each one, define the actions that will need to be done […]

Business Planning – How To Write Your Goals

Big, small, long-term, urgent. For each Broad Attack Category, first answer, “What absolutely must happen this year?”  Then, for each B.A.C. ask yourself, “What is halfway between here, and the 5 year dream?” Now you have the 3 year goals. Take the time to clearly define the goal and vividly describe what success is – Think […]

Business Planning -How To Choose Your Broad Attack Categories

You’ll need to divide what you do up a little so you can get the help you need. People usually like and excel in certain areas so divide your business goals up. Use broad areas that go together like: Financials, Sales, Manufacturing, Team Building… Return To Business Planning Outline

Business Planning – Write Your 5 Years From Now Dream

It’s good to dream and 5 years gives you some time. What would awesome look like? – Look at S.W.O.T. and then imagine 5 years from now but don’t settle for anything short of awesome. Think In Terms Like – Win! and Champions! and Super!  Those words aren’t the words of mediocrity…so use them! Return To Business Planning […]

Business Planning – S.W.O.T. Plus Analysis

It really is worth it, but you need to keep it real. Strengths – What are our 3 biggest strengths? Weakness – What are our 3 biggest weaknesses? Opportunities – What are the 3 biggest opportunities we can succeed with in the next 6 months? Threats – What three things do you worry about the […]

Five Axe Swings A Day

If you’re in a forest and you can only swing your ax just 5 times per day, what would you do differently. I obviously stole this from the recent Learn To Lead breakfast seminar we had featuring John Maxwell trainer Dave Finchum of Finchum Consulting. There was so much great information from Dave that I wasn’t […]

Business Planning – Writing A Mission Statement and Guiding Principles

Writing a Mission Statement and Guiding Principles is an important part of business planning. This step really can give you guidance as you’re making day to day decisions and deciding what projects to commit to. The key to ending up with something that makes an impact on your business is asking just a few questions, […]

Crucial Conversations: A Crisis Is A Terrible Time To Talk

A crisis is a terrible time to talk, and here is why. For thousands and thousands of years almost every crisis a human faced was a physical. Think about it. We were hunting a wooly mammoth or running from a tiger. We were using a spear or running from a spear. We have been trained […]

Changing Your Life Series – Why You Concentrate On You!

Circles of Our Lives – filling the right balloons. Don’t Just Watch The Video – This One Needs Read! Most of the people and things in our lives fall into 3 clear circles.. Circle of Concern – This is the largest circle in our life and in this circle are all the things we care […]

Business Planning – Decide Who Gets To Decide & How

Make up your mind who gets to have input, and who gets to decide. It may sound simple, but it isn’t often. In some organizations, they vote on everything. That isn’t leadership at all, that is a recipe for disaster. We are talking about writing plans and statements that define what your organization will become. […]