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“It’s an accountability tool that actually works. Important tasks are completed. If there are issues, it brings them to light. It brings a focus to what we are there for.”
“They have saved me five hours a week just in meetings time. In addition to the five hours, the meetings self manage...saving me at least another two and half hours a week. My managers know the goals we are working towards, who are accountable for them, and where we stand on achieving them.”
“The system has helped us as a group stay more aligned and go in the same direction. It has also helped decrease our meeting time significantly while accomplishing more of the things that matter."

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Making Life An Adventure

#1 Work Less

Make Time To Make Your Adventure

DayMaster: Makes Time To Thrive

  • Reclaim 5-9 hrs / week / person.
    • Accountable – things get done!
    • Increases trust & teamwork
    • Proactive action.
  • Connects teammates anywhere.
    • Great for remote employees
    • Great for multiple locations
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#2 Achieve More

Know What Matters - Do What Matters

FocusMaster: Do what Matters

  • Focus – Measure – Act – Succeed
    • Clarify the why, what & how.
    • Measure what matters.
    • Actually do what needs done.
  • Drastically Improve Profit Margin
    • 20% in 180 days is normal.
    • Improve Productivity or Reduce Expenses
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#3 Live Better

Jobs & Lives Should Be An Adventure

HR2Team – People Love Teams

  • Reduce Turnover 20% In 6 Months
    • Drastically reduces training cost
    • Drives productivity up
    • Makes hiring much easier
  • The 5 Keys To Thriving Instead Of Surviving
    • The keys make life and adventure
    • They are the same forpeople & organizations.


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