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Your Business Will:

Get More Done

Keep The People Who Do It

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Confused - Anxious - Frustrated

Surviving In Turbulent Times

Don't Just Survive - Thrive!

Some Things Always Deliver

Make Time For What Matters

Stop Wasting Time In Meetings

Be Proactive Not Reactive
Save  4 – 9 hours per week per person!

Get What Matters Done

Focus on challenges & opportunities
Know what really needs done.
Have a system to make sure that gets done.

Keep The People Who Do It

Teams are people who win together.
People love a winning team.

Lead a team of heroes on a mission.


We've Been There & We've Guided Others.

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Testimonial: Bill

We’d be honored to guide you.

The 3 Step Plan

Week # 1

Make Time To Do What Matters

Week # 2

Get More Of What Matters Done

Week # 3

Keep The People Who Do It

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We just don't have the time....

We get it!

So creating time is what we do first.

We truly understand this. Your team probably spends too much time in meetings and training now.  That's exactly why the first thing we do is give you the training and tools to quickly save each person on your team 4-9 hours per week! If we don't get you that time, nothing more will happen. Lastly, the decision to break the cycle and reassess sends a powerful message through your team and organization.

This sounds expensive...

We're glad it sounds valuable, but....

You're in for a surprise!

We want to make a difference and reach a lot of people, so we've made it very affordable. We've also added large discounts for introducing us to others. There are several training options so cost can be controlled. Everything is based your employee count so it's affordable for big and small companies.

Is there a big commitment?

We believe in marriage but....

If we do our job, we don't need contracts

We expect to earn your business every day. We also want you to give it a fair try. So there is no large, upfront costs. To afford this we use a combination of online videos, live group training, and individual phone call follow-up. If at any time  you aren't thrilled, you can just walk away. 

It sounds too good to be true.

Well, I'm glad it sounds good!

We've all experience broken promises.

We understand. We not only expect to thrill you, but our future depends on client recommendations. But that's also why we don't have contracts.  If we fail you, we make it easy to walk away.

The 5 Villains Stealing Your Profits and Talent….

(And How To Be The Hero That Conquers Them.)

25% Group Discount

We offer a 25% discount for select groups. We will consider groups like a Chamber of Commerce, Industry Groups, Churches, Schools and others. If you are a member of a group you would like us to consider, call us or send an email to:

While "Full Price" is still a great value for what you get, we offer significant discounts if you can bring a friend or are part of a group.

The Hike

All The Tools & How To Use Them
  • Everything In The Walkabout +
  • Fast Results - Intense Training
    Learn The System In 3 Training Sessions
    One / Week For 3 Weeks
  • Step 1: Save Time!
    4-9 Hrs, Every Person Every Week!
  • Step 2: Get What Matters Done!
    Clarify What Matters & Why
    Get It Done With Less Time & Less $$.
  • Step 3: Keep The People Who Do It!
    Stop Losing Your Best & Hiring The Rest
  • Ongoing Virtual Training
    Access To Online Courses & Webinars
  • No Contract - Change Any Time
  • Custom services & coaching available
$329 / Month

The Adventure

Get A Guide To Get You There
  • Everything In The Hike +
  • Get A Guide For Your Adventure
    A Coach For Your Organization
    Focused On Your Results.
  • Personalize The Training Steps
    Up To 2 Hr. Call After Each Step
    A Better Start Makes Better Results
  • Make Success A Habit With
    Monthly Coaching

    Monthly 1 Hr Coaching Calls
  • Emergency Help When You Need It
    6 Hrs Virtual Coaching A Year
    Any Way You Need It.
  • No Contract - Change Any Time
  • Custom services & coaching available
$629 / Month

Let's Talk About It.

We've Been Down This Road Before.

It's better together.

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