Work Less - Achieve More - Live Better

Work shouldn’t be endless tasks – it should be an adventure!

Working Harder = Harder Life

Long, frustrating, unfulfilling days.

You and your team deserve to work better, not harder

…a better life, not a harder life.

Working Better = Better Life

Save Time - Achieve More - Live Better

Save Time

Save  250 – 450 hours per year per person!
That’s 5 – 9 extra hours per week!

Achieve More

Know what really is important.
Know what really needs done.
Have a system to make sure that gets done.

Live Better

Make your “jobs” an adventure.
Make your lives an adventure.
Make A Difference that matters.

We've Guided Others.

“It’s an accountability tool that actually works. Important tasks are completed. If there are issues, it brings them to light. It brings a focus to what we are there for.”
“They have saved me five hours a week just in meetings time. In addition to the five hours, the meetings self manage...saving me at least another two and half hours a week. My managers know the goals we are working towards, who are accountable for them, and where we stand on achieving them.”
“The system has helped us as a group stay more aligned and go in the same direction. It has also helped decrease our meeting time significantly while accomplishing more of the things that matter."

We’d be honored to guide you.

Planning Your Adventure

Your "Adventure" is the road from where you (your business, life, organization...) are, and where you want it to be someday.

#1 Work Less

Make Time To Make Your Adventure

Required – Makes The Adventure Possible

  • Reclaim 5-9 hrs per week per person.
    • High accountability – things get done!
    • Drastically increases trust & teamwork
  • Increases through-put 3% in less than 180 days.
    • Improved alignment & Proactive action.
  • Reduce Turnover – Connects teammates around the world.
    • Huge for remote employees or multiple locations
  • 2 Group Webinars or Personal Training
  • 2 Personal 1 Hour Follow-up Sessions
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#2 Achieve More

Know What Matters - Do What Matters

Optional – But Is Achieving More Optional?

  • Focus – Who you are, what you do, and how you’ll succeed.
    • Your true leaders will stay and thrive
  • Measure – Turn the truly “key” indicators into “motivators”.
    • Actually measure the 20:1 ROI!
    • Finally resolve those constant issues.
  • Get It Done – Actually Do What Really Matters
    • Action decreases frustration, increases satisfaction.
  • 3 Group Webinars or Personal Consultation
  • 4 Personal 1 Hour Follow-up Sessions
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#3 Live Better

Included For Every Teammate!

The One Whole Identity resources include RightNow Media @work and much, much more.  There is content for all of life’s seasons such as marriage, finances, professional development and as well as a great children’s section.
  • Improve lives – Reduce Turnover
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Let's Talk About It.

We've Been Down This Road Before.

It's better together.

  • Teams & Orgs
  • Individuals


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